"I believe in the love of God, it is an orphan's wildest dream, it is a Narrow Little Road, it is an ever widening desert stream" ~ Red Mountain hymn

"This narrow little road may be filled with both abundant joy and humiliating sorrow; surely, even its promised Divine acceptance cannot assure it's travelers absense of profound rejection. Indeed, this narrow road may be filled with a great many things, but the one thing it truly lacks is regret!" ~Debbie Sue

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

another look at road signs

Spend 30 seconds with me and read the quoted words below… tell me, what do you see and what do these words mean to you?

“STOP” “YIELD” “CROSSROAD” “Rest Area (next exit)” “Detour” “Men at work” “Welcome to…” “Thanks for visiting…” “SPEED LIMIT” “WRONG WAY” “DO NOT ENTER” “DEAD END” “BLIND DRIVE” “Curvy Road ahead”...

In case you just read the first few words and then breezed past the rest, let me encourage you to read them again. Perhaps you read them and thought “why is Debbie writing about road signs for driving?” Well, all I can say to that particular question is I like signs. I’m not just talking about road signs, but you know “sign” signs. Huh, like “I’m waiting for a (quote) sign (unquote) to happen.”

No, it’s not really just about signs. I do have to admit that I tend to be one of those people who is moved by seeing repeated words, hearing repeated numbers, or looking for repeated images. I’m always looking for direction, for truth, for life- I’m looking for the WAY (and most commonly doing so by watching for all the “signs”).

But, to be honest, that’s not really what this writing is about. Don’t worry “I’m coming to it” as we say here in Liberia!

I’m captivated by signs for sure, but more importantly I’m driven by learning lessons amidst the beauty of life, the common normality of it, and yes even in the seemingly mundane (like “Road signs”)- I’m always looking… looking for lessons… looking for truth… looking for life.

So, with that said, let’s look back at those road signs again, shall we?

Here’s a glimpse of what I see…

“STOP”- Debbie Sue, stop driving your life on your own, stop planning every moment of every day, stop sinning deliberately, stop worrying about tomorrow, stop looking at life in terms of the impossible, stop depending on your own strength… STOP!

“YIELD”- Slow down! Yield to the Spirit of God and not circumstances or mankind. Yield to Christ by following- immediately. Yield to others, truly notice them, and consider their needs and how Jesus can use YOU specifically to care for them.

“CROSSROAD”- Big decisions are ahead; decisions that you know will take your life in a certain direction, and yet others are leading you into the unknown. Some of us are questioning which road is the “right” one while others are just realizing they have been on the wrong path and need to get off. Some of us stand in silence staring at that ominous C-sign and we are frozen maybe even terrified desperately trying to figure out which way to go- which way leads to God or maybe simply to happiness- to get to LIFE, to get to TRUTH!

“DETOUR”- It’s been said that the only thing certain in life is change. Sometimes I hate change. Other times I thrive off it. Sometimes I just get plain ticked off when I’m driving through life and that sign just seems to jump up and catch me off guard; in that moment, all I can think about is the fact that the stupid sign made me late or cost me somthing, but I don’t consider that it saved me from the torn up mess of a road on the other side (maybe just a mile away).

We can’t always think of detours as signs that are derailing life; most of the time they are what protect us and guide us and give us a chance at getting back on track or maybe even on track for the first time- the track to new life!

Are you catching my drift dear friends? Those road signs really can be used to teach and to learn, right?

As I said earlier, “I’m always looking for direction, for truth, for life- I’m looking for the way” and for the first time I’m truly seeing all these signs because I’m not the one driving the car.

Just imagine with me that this Jesus - the One who declared HIMSELF the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE- is not only the one who is driving but He is the Word of God made flesh (the very road map) that I am reading as we drive along this road together toward LIFE everlasting- toward JESUS everlasting!

Are you beginning to see how beautiful and wonderfully crazy this unknown road is because the One who is the way, the truth and the life is all the "knowing" that we need?

It’s wonderful only because if and when we truly believe this truth, our search for LIFE, for TRUTH, and for direction ENDS in Jesus… and true LIFE (the journey of faith and trust and following Him alone) just BEGINS.

So, I repeat my question, “What signs are you seeing lately?”

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