"I believe in the love of God, it is an orphan's wildest dream, it is a Narrow Little Road, it is an ever widening desert stream" ~ Red Mountain hymn

"This narrow little road may be filled with both abundant joy and humiliating sorrow; surely, even its promised Divine acceptance cannot assure it's travelers absense of profound rejection. Indeed, this narrow road may be filled with a great many things, but the one thing it truly lacks is regret!" ~Debbie Sue

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

72 hours

I continually thank you for all of your prayers during this time!

We have less than 72 hours before the Festival begins. Franklin arrived yesterday to greet us at the office and it was so encouraging to see how the whole staff received him with such loving affection and high energy. I never cease to be amazed by the joy and thanksgiving that these wonderful Liberians have considering all that they have and continue to walk through. And yet I'm continually encouraged by their vulnerability as they walk through these trials and don't pretend like their troubles don't exist. They are a people who pray, many of which know the scriptures well and yet can't read, but they are not afraid to bring their burdens honestly before God's throne... it can be quite alarming to the soul in certain moments!

To be honest, I am tired and overwhelmed. I'm fighting migraines and body pain daily, and learning with every new step just how much I need Jesus moment by moment. It's not enough to pray for an overall grace! There's a passage that commands all who are weary and heavy laden to come to Him (I know I fit into this passage). But the part that really strikes me is that He knows that we WILL get weary and heavy laden, and He bids us to come. It's no surprise to Him or He wouldn't have commanded it. Also, that passage ends with... "And I will give you rest (also something I desperately need)!"

There's those moments in life where our strength, happiness, and ability come to an end. However, the Scriptures make it clear that only in those moments do we begin to see the true strength, joy, and power of God's Spirit working in and through us. So, despite the pain, the heartache, and even the moments of feeling depressed, I press on... I move forward in the calling in which I've received... I acknowledge my need and my weakness... I confess my sin, denial and self-allegiance... and I once again throw myself on the mercies of God! (Please read Hebrews 12 with me)

I may get a chance to write one more update before I leave Liberia, but know that my consistent internet access ends with this post. I will be out of commission in the internet world until May. Until then, thanks for your prayers... I mean it when I tell you that they are the ministers that are waking me up each morning to live another day for God's Glory!

I guess this is a great opportunity in the next month to catch up on some of my previous post ;0)

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