"I believe in the love of God, it is an orphan's wildest dream, it is a Narrow Little Road, it is an ever widening desert stream" ~ Red Mountain hymn

"This narrow little road may be filled with both abundant joy and humiliating sorrow; surely, even its promised Divine acceptance cannot assure it's travelers absense of profound rejection. Indeed, this narrow road may be filled with a great many things, but the one thing it truly lacks is regret!" ~Debbie Sue

Saturday, February 19, 2011

FLASH: thanks for the gifts

Written on January 6th, 2011

I pray the peace and joy of the season has been filling your hearts
each day. I wish I had more time to write but I am currently using
someone elses net and I don't have much time.

I received your gifts for Christmas and tears rolled down my face as I
gleefully imagined each of you thinking of me so specifically as
packed and sent things that are so special to me. There is a chance to
mail things to me through a friend that is coming around March so
please feel free to mail anything you are hoping to send to the
previous address I mailed out in Oregon. I will forward the address
again soon in an upcoming email with a list of needs. Thank you for
taking such good care of me while I care for God's children here in
Liberia. Lately, I have been reminded that even though the son of man
had no place to call his home he was dedicated to the ministry of his
father. I have seen God's faithfulness as I have waited upon him and
continued to pursue him relentlessly despite the trials this season.

Currently, I am living with a dear family in downtown monrovia. I am
sharing a room with their five kids and God is teaching me tremendous
things about life and this culture through this family. Words cannot
express the delight I feel in my heart to be here in Liberia honoring
God's will for my life.

I am looking for an apartment. I'm more than welcome where I'm at so I
feel the freedom to find the best place possible in God's eyes before
moving. I'm going lots of small outreach ministries, odd jobs, getting
involved with music and drama at my church, and pouring out my life
into one specific little precious girl that Jesus has put on my heart.
Oh she is a treasure and I know God has such great plans for her life!

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